Tanners Creek
Coal-Fired Power Plant
1000 MW


In 2015, Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC), a corporate affiliate of Industrial Demolition LLC, purchased the Tanners Creek Power Plant from Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) with the purpose of environmental redevelopment and demolition. Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) assumed environmental liabilities.

Building demolition at Tanners Creek is nearly complete and will be finished by mid- 2018. Activities include the demolition of all existing structures on the property, including the former powerhouse and stacks.

The original expected timeline to prepare Tanners Creek for vertical development was 2021. However based on the progress being made by Industrial Demolition LLC, CDC now expects the site to be ready for development by late 2019.

Tanners Creek Power Plant / 2016

Commercial Development Company, Inc. is committed to the sustainable reuse of materials left behind by the demolition of the Tanners Creek Power Plant – 98% of the plant will be recycled, including concrete from the stacks which will be crushed and reutilized as inert fill materials to backfill and regrade portions of the site.

“I am very pleased with the tremendous progress our team has made at Tanners Creek – the efficiencies and work ethic they have shown throughout the process has shaved years off our original estimates and positioned the site for new opportunities faster than expected.” said Randall Jostes, CEO of Commercial Development Company, Inc.